Alla hahmotelma ystävästäni, jolla on Ihan Oikeasti vihreät hiukset. Valitettavasti neidin normaalisti kevyen gootahtava arkisilmämeikki ei tule tässä piirrostyylissä esiin lainkaan, joten muotokuvana tämä ei ihan vielä toimi ja harjoituksia on jatkettava.

Alkuperäinen piirros tuli ihan paperille, samoin väritykset Pro-Markereilla. Vain tausta ja drop-shadow tällä kertaa lisätty photarissa.


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  1. Sil

    I think I understood like 80% of that, meaning that I understand the general meaning of it but not all words. Mea-nie! 😛

  2. hanna Artikkelin kirjoittaja

    Very freely translated:

    ”Below a sketch of my fried, who has green hair, In Real Life. Unfortunately her usually slightly gothic eye-make-up doesn’t really show up at all in this way of drawing, so as a portrait this doesn’t yet work and I must keep on practising.

    The original drawing was on paper and colouring with Pro-Markers. Only the background and drop-shadow were added in Photoshop.”

    I would say that the nose is okey-ish, as is the hair, but eyes, eyebrows and mouth still need some working, as well as the shape of the head… and whole drawing. So this wasn’t you, but just a vague sketch. Meh.


  3. Sil

    I did translate it all, then. I wasn’t sure about the gothic part as that was a completely unfamiliar word, which I could only guess at from familiarity.
    (Which I take offense to by the way – my eyeliner above the lashes is worn by about 20-50% of women I meet depending on the time of day (and often 100% if it is late)! It is more a fifties/sixties style than anything. (And now I am writing a hhgttg worthy paranthesis, apparently.))

    Anyway I like your sketch.

  4. hanna Artikkelin kirjoittaja

    I was sure you would find that definition offending, but I took my chance anyway, because I couldn’t figure out a better way to describe even the slightest amount of make up — thus blame it on my sucky imagination 🙂

    But nice that you like the sketch 🙂


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